You know, in this time of Congressional bailouts and financial scares and economic woes and as the election starts to get nasty and as the Delta Queen supporters fight to keep her alive as time is running out…

…it becomes very difficult to keep my spirit up.

And then I find myself walking along the decks, visiting with guests who share a love for this boat, savoring the first breaths of autumn, and then the sun sets with such a majesty that I am filled with joy and renewed with hope.

A Magical Sunset

A Magical Sunset

I am very blessed to work with this wonderful crew, to share a journey of discovery with our cruise guests, to explore delightful river towns, to savor the wonders of the river, and to be a part of these special days on the Delta Queen.

I will never give up hope that Majestic America Line will do the right thing as they approach the sale of this vessel and that Congress will do the right thing in allowing her to continue to operate.

The sunset recharged my hope. Thanks to Laura for taking the wonderful photo and for always bringing me joy.