I’ve adapted some great ideas developed by Vicki Webster of the grassroots “Save The Delta Queen Campaign.”

Contact your U.S. Congressman and the two Senators that represent your state.

Call. Write. Fax. Email. Visit their local offices.

Note: If you choose to send a written letter, direct it to a District office, rather than to Washington. Postal mail takes up to three weeks to get through Capitol security.

If you don’t know your Congressional representatives, now is the time. You can find contact information for your Senators at and your Congressman at

Congress is up for reelection in November. It’s that time of year when they more receptive to what you think.
Let them know:
• There is a bill to save the Delta Queen in the House (Steve Chabot’s HR3852) and one coming in the Senate (by George Voinovich).
• Urge your U.S. Senators to support Sen. Voinovich’s upcoming bill. Suggest their Legislative Directors contact Sen. Voinovich’s Legislative Directors Lauri Hettinger at 202-224-3353.
• Urge your Representative in the U.S. House to vote for the Delta Queen’s exemption when the bill reaches the floor there. Your House Rep’s Legislative Director can contact Congressman Chabot’s Legislative Director Kim Betz at 202-225-2216.
• Remind them that concerns about the Delta Queen safety are unfounded. Encourage them to visit this website for more information.
• Communicate to them that any possibility of Union influence impacting the exemption is unacceptable.
• Let them know if they have any questions, they can contact me at or Vicki Webster at I am glad to find answers to their questions. I will come to Washington and meet or give a presentation.

Contact your state and local elected officials, including your governor, and encourage them to contact your Senators and Congressman.

Encourage your local media to cover the Save the Delta Queen Campaign. Communicate the drama of the forced retirement of a National Historic Landmark and American Treasure. For more information and great interview possibilities, encourage them to contact:
• Me (Bill Wiemuth) historian at
• Vicki Webster of the grassroots Save The Delta Queen Campaign at
• Garrette Silverman, Sen. George Voinovich’s press secretary at
• Todd Lindgren, Congressman Steve Chabot’s Communications Manager at 513-684-2723 or

Ask your town, your state, chamber of commerce, convention and visitors bureaus, and any historical or preservation groups to pass resolutions urging Congress to save the Delta Queen. (Forty-some cities, states, and organizations have already done this.) Send copies of the signed resolutions to your state’s entire congressional delegation.

If you spent extra time (and money) in any community as a result of a trip on the Delta Queen, contact the director of the local Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as the Senators and U.S. Representative for that state and district, and tell them so.
For instance, perhaps you flew into Nashville, Memphis, or Pittsburgh a day or so before boarding the boat, or stayed on a day or so after debarking. Or maybe you took a side trip to nearby points of interest, or came back later to explore the area on your own. You can find contact information for CVB and chamber of commerce directors on the internet. If you have trouble, contact me, and I’ll send you the details.

Ask everyone you know to get involved in doing the above items.

Thank you for your interest and your support. Get involved!


3 Responses to “You Can Help”

  1. Jack E. Garrett Says:

    Bill – I recently received a letter from Congressman Rush Holt (to whom I had written about the Delta Queen. The body of the letter was more or less a form letter, but at the bottom next to his signature he wrote “Your personal experience with the Delta (he used the Greek delta symbol) Queen is illuminating for me Thanks”. Just thought you might like to know.

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