A nice letter of support for the Delta Queen remaining in Chattanooga was written by R.J. Johnson and published by the Chattanoogan:

Chattanooga Can Help Save The Delta Queen
posted October 24, 2010

A city that can build an aquarium, save a century-old bridge, and restore a deserted downtown and riverfront to the level of global recognition, can surely save a riverboat.

I understand the Delta Queen is priced at $4.75 million, which is a lot of money, but it’s only a pittance to what Chattanoogans have raised before. When you consider the accomplishments of the last two decades, this should be chump change to us.

A shimmering jewel of history is in our midst, and we have one chance to permanently rescue this world-renowned vessel.

Thank you to Leah Ann and Randy Ingram, current operators of the Delta Queen Hotel, for your vision in establishing the Delta Queen Preservation Foundation. I hope Chattanoogans will support this effort, including the “Rally on the River” fundraiser on Tuesday, Nov. 4.