Laura and I will be performing on the Delta Queen for the November 4 “Rally on the River” fundraiser event to promote and raise funds in support of the creation of a non-profit organization called Delta Queen Preservation Foundation.

We are on tour through Thanksgiving, but when we received the invitation, we were thrilled to find that we had that date open and our show the night before was in Savannah, GA, so we’re driving up just for that date and excited to get to be a part of this event.

There will be tours of the vessel offered that day and calliope concerts featuring music from the Belle of Cincinnati, the Southern Belle and the Delta Queen. In a rare treat, the Delta Queen’s boilers will fire up enough steam to rotate that historic paddlewheel. There will be progressive tastings with wine pairings as guests roam the historic vessel.

Laura and I will present our “Delta Queen – A Musical Journey” show that we created during the boat’s final cruising season. It chronicles the boat’s fascinating history and shares an array of songs that we found had been written about this national treasure.

Single tickets for the fundraiser are $125 and couples are $200. For more information or to make reservations, call 423-413-3804