The Delta Queen opened last Friday just as the 10-day Riverbend Music Festival began directly across the river. The Fat Cat Ferry (also owned by Delta Queen Hotel partner Harry Phillips) docks adjacent to the Delta Queen and shuttles festival-goers across the river. So, we had lots of folks coming aboard to have a drink in the Texas Lounge on their way to the concerts.

Friday and Saturday nights were wild nights in the Texas Lounge. The folks at the bar were ready to have a good time, rowdy and fun. They pushed us the edges of our repertoire with an array of very diverse requests. I think the only one we couldn’t fulfill was a request for a song by Neil Young. I admit, my Neil Young repertoire equals zero. But we’ve had them singing along and Saturday night they were even up dancing. Those of you who’ve been in the Texas Lounge are familiar with the cozy atmosphere, so it was crazy!

Laura and I ended both nights drenched in sweat and exhausted. We felt like we’d run a marathon, but we also felt really proud in a way that we had at least finished the race! With the concert-going, party crowd, this has not been the regular crowd we’re used to in the Texas Lounge. We felt like if we could survive that and keep the crowd having fun, then we might not ever be nervous again!

The festival continues through this weekend, so we’re bracing ourselves for a few more wild nights in the Texas Lounge. If you’re in the Chattanooga area, come on down. I have a feeling it’s going to be very entertaining!