Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Laura and Bill in the Delta Queen's Orleans Room.

Laura and Bill in the Delta Queen's Orleans Room.

Laura Sable and I have been contracted to develop and present a diverse program of entertainment and enrichment onboard the Delta Queen as she begins her new career as a boutique hotel in Chattanooga. We are honored and excited to continue to be a part of preserving and sharing the joy of this treasure with visitors to the Chattanooga area. Once the boat opens, we’ll be performing Tuesday through Saturday and stay through July, so come and visit!

The beauty of the Delta Queen combined with the charming Chattanooga waterfront, plus fine dining and onboard entertainment. It sounds like a winner to me!

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Laura and I did a little photo shoot today to get some photos to illustrate the boat and the entertainment product. Some are silly, but I think we got a few that might work. These are for use on the DQ Hotel websits (to visit CLICK HERE). At least these will enable them to finally take down the entertainment photos of the American Queen stage! Those are the only entertainment photos they had, but as many of you know, nobody could every confuse the AQ stage with the DQ stage (and yet, I wouldn’t trade for this cozy, special old place!). Laura and I are so excited to get our shows up and running soon. We’ll keep you posted on the developments. Enjoy the pictures. Click on them to see them larger.