The Delta Queen at Chattanooga's Coolidge Park.

The Delta Queen at Chattanooga's Coolidge Park.

Yes, I know. I’ve received your many requests for pictures of the boat at her new home. Here is the Delta Queen docked at Chattanooga’s Coolidge Park. The park is on the north shore of the Tennessee River, directly across from downtown.  This first photo is taken from the Market Street Bridge looking upriver with the park off to the left. Yes, she is docked facing downriver. This is rare for a riverboat (and boy was it a feat of piloting when Captain John Dugger and Captain Finley Frasier nestled her in here back in February by threading her thought the bridge spans in a 40 mph wind!).

The park is beautiful and apparently a Chattanooga favorite. It’s pretty quiet during the weekdays, but afternoons, evening and weekends, it is hopping! There is an old carousel in the building in the far upper left corner with the bright blue roof. It is a big draw.

img_0245-1This second photo is also taken from the Market Street Bridge, but looking back toward the river and across toward downtown. The small island in the upper left is McClellan Island, an 18-acre Audubon Society bird sanctuary. The old railroad bridge in the background is now a pedestrian bridge and connects Coolidge Park to downtown.

Alterations are underway to the dock and connections are being made to the city water and wastewater services. There’s a lot happening and it is really interesting to watch it all unfold. Stay tuned!