Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Yesterday was a day of backbreaking labor. But certainly a labor of love.

At the end of last season as I rode with the Delta Queen down to New Orleans to prepare her for being laid up down there. Not knowing what would become of the boat, I feared for so many things aboard. As a river historian, one that really tore at my heart was the unknown fate of the wonderful collection of books that had been amassed over the years by guests and staff Riverlorians into the Delta Queen library. Fearing they might end up tossed into a dumpster, I approached Majestic America Line executives and negotiated the purchase of the collection which I boxed up and moved off the boat to safe storage.

The Delta Queen Hotel folks kindly agreed to a loan arrangement of the collection and I certainly want the books to be available for guests to enjoy. This array of books has fueled my passion for the river’s history, culture and nature.┬áSo, we brought them back and loaded them back aboard and back into their longingly empty cases. I was glad to return them home again.

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