We arrived here into Chattanooga last night. The city is beautiful with the redbuds, dogwoods, and cherry trees all in bloom. What a gorgeous city!

We arrived to the boat and she looks terrific. I’ll get some pictures taken and posted soon.

Unfortunately, we were hoping to open the restuarant and entertainment ahead of the hotel on April 15, but there have been some delays. Now we’re looking at starting the first week of May with the hotel opening the next weekend on the 15th.

I can’t imagine all the paperwork, plans, burocracy, etc. they are dealing with. Between Coast Guard and the TVA, plus working towards the transfer of regulation to the Chattanooga Health Department, Fire Marshal, etc. it is amazing all that is going on. The boat next week will be adjusted slightly in order to hook it up to a more permanent connection to the city water services and add connections to the city wastewater services. Add to that the electrical, cable, internet, setting up the restuarant, new menus, entertainment programming, hotel pricing, renovations, on and on and on. There’s plenty to do between now and May.

Laura and I will be working on setting up the audio, lighting, etc. in the Texas Lounge and the Orleans Room so we’re ready to go. We also are going to assist in scheduling to merge together our programming, plus the local theatre group that will perform, other guest artists and lounge entertainers. etc. I am also helping prepare press releases and serving as the spokesman. Lots happening.

Busy, busy. We’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned!