Thursday, February 12th, 2009

The paper did an audio interview with me about the DQ moving to Chattanooga. I tried to be positive. CLICK HERE.

I have so much more to share about the journey. I just need a few days to transcribe my notes and wrap up the business around here.

Eric Hadley has filmed many other terrific segments that will take just a few days to get edited and uploaded. Check back soon.

But for those of you hopeful for an update, here is a powerful one.

After docking at her new home at Chattanooga’s beautiful Coolidge Park, many of us gathered in the Engine Room. Captain Finley finally made the call and gave the signal. Here is the video I shot on my little camera of the final ring on the Engine Order Telegraph to signal Finished With Engine. Many tears were shed and hugs were shared.

We all are hopeful that the old DQ will fire up and cruise again. We are glad to hear that her engines will be inspected regularly by Chief Fred to verify her wellbeing. But it was incredibly powerful to stand there with fellow crewmembers and realize that we might be witnessing the end of a chapter of American history. I am so proud that I served aboard this vessel and that I experienced this very special place and the people that helped make her great.

Now the Delta Queen shifts to a new chapter in her career. I am thankful that she will be cared for and that she will be open to the public. Perhaps another generation will yet have the opportunity to come aboard and learn about the incredible adventures of the Delta Queen and the significance of steamboat history to America.


A photographer, reporter, and online video producer from the Chattanooga Times Free Press joined us during our brief stop in Florence, AL. To read the article and see their video footage, CLICK HERE.