Lovely Vicksburg. After the last two ports, it is so nice to have attractions within walking distance of the boat! Plus many are headed out on tours, most to visit the interesting Vicksburg battlefied of Civil War fame.

Laura and I ascended Vicksburg’s intimidating hills to dine once more at Walnut Hills, one of our favorite restaurants. You sit at a big round table with a spinning “lazy Susan” circular disk in the middle which is quickly filled with good, hot southern cooking! Besides the terrific meal, we also owe them a big thanks. They were kind enough to allow us to have our absentee ballots mailed there. We were so excited to get them and cast our ballots, postmarked by tomorrow’s election day. It is great to be excited to vote again!

The Vicksburg event went great and the mayor had some very nice words to share.

Unfortunately, tensions are increasing amongst AQ guests. We are in port all day each day this cruise and so far the folks on the port side have their view blocked all day by the Delta Queen. Now, I would consider this a treat, but many do not. Not only is the view blocked, but the exhausts are loud and the diesel smell is very strong. Even worse, the docking for port except Oak Alley Plantation on the last day will keep the Delta Queen on the same side. People are getting cranky. Nerves are on edge. I know ours are. Up at the Calliope Bar a guest was complaining to Laura. (Even though we’re not staff, guests think anyone below 50 must be, so we always get plenty of feedback.) The gentlemen was so angry about the DQ situation that he said, “They should just sink it!” My sweet, tender Laura just burst into tears as he stormed away. She said later that his words felt like a knife cutting into her heart.

To help with the problem, after the American Queen departs, the Delta Queen will remain at Vicksburg until until very late to give the AQ port side some quiet time to sleep. The DQ will join us in Natchez in the morning.