Election Day in Natchez, Mississippi. We scurried off to the post office and mailed our ballots. We are voters! It feels good to reengage in the democratic process.

natchez-signNatchez has always been a great riverboat town, dating back all the way to 1811 when the first steamboat docked here. We were very touched that Natchez even produced the banner shown here as a special tribute to the relationship between the boats and the city.

The good news is that Majestic has finally decided to allow American Queen guests to come aboard the Delta Queen for a visit. They had offered seven 2-hour cruises for sale at a cost of $49 each. None of them sold enough to meet the minimum to operate the trip. Somehow, people on a week-long riverboat cruise weren’t interested in paying $50 to take a two-hour riverboat cruise. But at least the company has given in and opened up the DQ for visits. I hope this will dilute some of the tensions amongst the AQ passengers this week.

The Natchez casino at sunset, just behind the AQ.

The Natchez casino at sunset, just behind the AQ.

 We had another nice event with the city representatives from Natchez. The boat is staying until 11pm, so a few of us slipped away for dinner at the incredible Kings Tavern restaurant. Terrific meal! On the way back, many steamboaters gathered at the famous Under The Hill Saloon for one last toast to the city. Supposedly, Mark Twain used to visit this historical pub when he served as a steamboat pilot before the Civil War. WE gathered here again before a dark time in steamboat history.