In the last week the Delta Queen has been covered by USA Today (CLICK HERE TO READ IT) and the New York Times (CLICK HERE TO READ IT) . Both in a week are more that we could dream of…but there is more still…

Early Saturday morning, many of the crew were gathered around the television in the crew mess to watch Good Morning America Weekend. The ABC crew was onboard about a month ago filming for this piece and talented producer Glen Dacy kindly updated us that it was scheduled to air. Sure enough, they did a wonderful piece about the Delta Queen, focused mostly on her history and significance. The photography, shot by cameraman Pete, was absolutely beautiful. He really caught her charming character. If you haven’t seen it yet, click on the link below and click on the “Delta Queen Dethroned” featured video icon.

Special thanks to reporter Chris Bury and producer Glen Dacy, along with cameraman Pete and Jeff on audio. Terrific job guys!

We are hopeful that the story will provoke viewers to search for more information about the Delta Queen’s forced retirement and get involved in contacting their Congressional representatives to encourage renewing the necessary exemption to allow the Delta Queen’s continued operation.

CNN Headline News
I also had a phone interview Saturday morning with Linda Stouffer on CNN’s Headline News. I have already heard that the short piece was repeatedly aired on Saturday. More great news! A friend emailed me a link to the story posted online:

It’s this kind of media coverage that will give the Delta Queen a chance when Congress reconvenes after the election. Increased awareness and support translate into political energy.

Yes, it’s been exciting in the last week to see the boat covered by USA Today, the New York Times, CNN, and ABC’s Good Morning America. These reach a lot of people. But I must say how very grateful for the support and coverage provided by regional and local media that have frequently visited the boat recently. As the vessel Public Relations contact, I have been very busy meeting with reporters, escorting photographers and cameramen, and giving phone interviews. Today, I didn’t even get off the boat waiting to visit with a reporter and later a photographer from Evansville, IN.

Let’s hope this exposure helps increase the awareness of Congressional representatives and boosts the efforts to Save the Delta Queen.