Some of these excellent media features have presented an air of finality about the Delta Queen’s fate. Don’t let the drama of the boat’s forced retirement next Saturday make you give up hope. Even after the exemption expires on November 1, a renewal by the “Lame Duck” pro forma session of Congress returning after the election, or even by the newly seated Congress in January can open the door for a new owner to market a late-starting 2009 season, or at the very least make plans for a 2010 season.

Without an exemption renewal the Delta Queen will not have a next season.

Congress is focused on developing solutions to the economic crisis. This gives a perfect opening to remind them that the Delta Queen is not asking Congress for any funding, just permission to operate. The Delta Queen directly employs about 150 crew members AND the boat benefits the local economies of dozens of river communities with tours and shopping.

Contact your Congressional representatives
Call, write, email, fax, go visit the local offices of your Congressional representatives. Fight for the Delta Queen!

Contact your local media.
As a news story or feature gains energy, many other media outlets get interested that previously might not have been. This is a great time for you to contact your local media and encourage them to do a feature. If you’ve traveled with us before, you can provide the local connection to a national story. Remember, there is no media outlet too small. Every cable show, local paper, small magazine, etc. has an audience that they reach. Every audience has Congressional representatives. They will all be needed to get this job done.