Across the Delta Queen bow with a view of Maysville's Simon Kenton Bridge.

Across the Delta Queen bow with a view of Maysville

After departing Cincinnati last night at 5pm, we proceeded just a couple of miles downstream to the fuel dock to load up on Bunker C, the petroleum that the Delta Queen burns in her furnaces to get that steam boiling!

Late Tuesday night, we departed and turned back upriver, past Cincinnati and on up to lovely and historical Maysville, KY for our final visit. This is our furthest upriver point on this cruise, and it is literally all downhill from here.

Thankfully, we enjoyed a perfect autumn day, crisp and cool and sunny. Area citizens and many passengers signed a Maysville flag which the city presented to the boat and we proudly hoisted up the jackstaff.

I am pleased to report that the mood onboard is positive. We had worried that the last cruise might quickly turn morose and somber. But the boat is filled with previous passengers (only 4 new to the DQ) so they understand the boat and its special energy. They quickly set the tone of hope for the future. As a group, we seem committed to savoring every delicate moment, realizing full well that we are experiencing the end of an era, and yet thankful to be a part of it.