Yesterday in Pittsburgh, we were docked right beside the PNC ballpark at the mouth of the Allegheny River, just across from Point Park where the Monongahela River meets the Allegheny to form the Ohio River. We were positioned in the perfect spot for the huge Pittsburgh 250 Anniversary Fireworks show. We had even altered our schedule to stay lateĀ and enjoy the fireworks.

But, around 8:30pm the Coast Guard decided we would have to move – immediately. Luckily, all the passengers were aboard. Nobody ever missed dinner! But there were still a handful of off-duty crew ashore and we had to leave them! We left behind another crew member to meet them so they wouldn’t panic. Every crewmembers greatest fear is coming back to the landing and finding the boat gone!

Yes, even though it was the Delta Queen’s last visit to Pittsburgh and the state of Pennsylvania had declared it “Delta Queen Day” — we were kicked out of town! We just had to laugh. The Coast Gaurd asked us to move about a mile down the Ohio, just past the West End Bridge. Of course, by that time, that area was filled with pleasure boaters crowding in to watch the fireworks and we had to move down behind them.

Nonetheless the view was wonderful and the fireworks show was amazing. Here’s a clip:

After the show and after the river was cleared, we proceeded back to our original landing and picked up our cold and tired crew members. This put us behind schedule and then, during the night, we encountered thick fog. We finally tied up in a lock chamber to wait it out, but this cost us making our stop today at Wheeling, WV which is especially sad since it was to be our last visit. We’re so sorry Wheeling. We wil miss you.