Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Delta Queen supporter Barack Obama

Delta Queen supporter Barack Obama

Obama issues statement supporting efforts to Save The Delta Queen!

Presidential candidate and Illinois Senator Barack Obama has signed on as a sponsor of the Senate bill (S. 3498) submitted by George Voinovich (R-Ohio). This gives our effort a terrific boost to have a presidential candidate as a co-sponsor.

In a press release issued October 1, Obama said:

As the last remaining authernic, operable riverboat in the world, the Delta Queen is a valuable part of our nation’s heritage that we have a duty to preserve and protect for future generations. As she makes her final stops in Point Pleasant, I urge Congress to support this effort to ensure the DeLta Queen may continue to serve the people of Ohio and West Virginia for years to come.”

Here’s a big whistle salute to Senator Obama for his support: WHISTLE SALUTE


To provide balance and continue the spirit of bi-partisan support for the Delta Queen – a National Historic Landmark – we now need to urge Presidential candidate and Arizona Senator John McCain to also join S. 3498 as a co-sponsor.  

John McCain

John McCain

As a presidential candidate, John McCain needs to hear from everyone to urge his support. Call his campaign at:
Or fax him a letter at 202-228-2862.

Call now!


The video posted above which I helped the Delta Queen crew produce is getting lots of attention. We can’t access YouTube here on the boat, but I am told that the YouTube posting has already received more than 2,000 hits!

The video was posted in YouTube’s “Nonprofits & Activism” category and their stats note the following about the video’s response:
#3 – Most Viewed (Today) – Nonprofits & Activism
#27 – Most Viewed (This Week) – Nonprofits & Activism
#4 – Top Rated (This Week) – Nonprofits & Activism
#5 – Most Discussed (This Week) – Nonprofits & Activism
#19 – Top Favorited (This Week) – Nonprofits & Activism
#43 – Top Rated (This Month) – Nonprofits & Activism

The Kentucky Post website also wrote a promotion of the piece. Read it HERE. There is another mention on the ABC WPCO website HERE. 

Thank you, readers, for your wonderful support. Keep spreading the news!