Jeff Aswell (Audio), Glen Dacy (Producer), Chris Bury (Reporter), Peter Norton (Camera)

The ABC crew: Jeff Aswell (Audio), Glen Dacy (Producer), Chris Bury (Reporter), Peter Norton (Camera)

The team from ABC News rode aboard the Delta Queen for two full days and filmed everything. They interviewed several staff and passengers. I got a peek at some of the footage, and it is beautiful. The whole crew fell in love with the Delta Queen and I think we can look forward to a wonderful piece which will be featured on Good Morning America Weekend during October. As soon as they assign it a confirmed date to be broadcast, I will post it here on the blog.

Glen Dacy (Producer) and Chris Bury (Reporter) seemed to have a great vision for the piece and were truly fascinated with the boat’s history and current legislative struggle. They were accompanied by the extraordinary talents of Jeff Aswell (Audio) and Peter Norton (Camera). They were all delightful and we enjoyed them thoroughly. Their support and the publicity from this piece could be vital to the Delta Queen’s hope for survival. We wish them the best.