I received the note below from Betty Anne Mahoney. She traveled with us on the Delta Queen in early August and returned home with a passionate drive to do all she could to help save the boat.

HI BILL, I have sent 200 letters and safety info on the Delta Queen to all the Senators, I have also been in touch with Jesse L. Walls in Sen. Voinovich’s office several times (s.3498) was presented on 16 Sept. and is now in committee. Today I called several Sen. offices, Reid, Ensign, Stevens and Inouye and didn’t get much. I am a bit frustrated as I am sure you are. Jesse told me on Friday that the bill will go on to the Lame duck session in Nov. if no floor vote by the last day in Sept./SORRY . If you can think of anything else I can do let me know. Sincerely, Betty Anne Mahoney  

Special thanks to Betty Ann for all her tremendous work. She is an inspiration to us all that if we all gear up and do all we can, it is amazing what we can accomplish. For some suggestions on what you can do to help, CLICK HERE.

Call your Representatives. Tell your friends and family. Call your local media.

Keep up the great work.