In May, Cheryl and Jim Redmond traveled on the Delta Queen from Pittsburgh to Nashville. Cheryl is a renowned quilter and became inspired to make a “Save the Delta Queen” quilt. Click on the image of the quilt below to view a larger image.

Cheryl began quilting in the early 1990s. In 2001 she began making quilts with pictures. Following the attacks of September 11, she made a 7 x 9 foot Memorial Quilt in the motif of the American Flag.  The quilt listed the names of the more than 3000 victims of that day, had 17 pictures depicting events and many embroidered squares. The quilt was displayed at the Smithsonian Institute for a month for the 6-month anniversary of the attacks and later at several Presidential Libraries and the Pentagon. It continues to travel throughout the USA. She also made 9/11 Memorial Quilts for the Flight 93 Families for the Flight 93 Memorial, the Pentagon, The Fire Fighters, and the Policemen of New York for their exhibits. 

On June 14, Cheryl returned to the Delta Queen while docked in Pittsburgh and ceremoniously presented the quilt to the Captain. It includes a wonderful collection of photos transfered to fabric and a series of quotes about the boat and the river. Cheryl’s quilt has been hung in a place of honor beside the Purser’s Office on the Delta Queen.

Here is a big whistle salute for Cheryl for her support and for sharing her creative talents to help promote the effort to save this wonderful boat: Whistle Salute