September 2008


Mary Charlton
Mary Charlton

Mary Charlton is the Discovery Guide aboard the Delta Queen and she has been motivating the crew to write letters to send to talk show hosts. Their dream target: Oprah Winfrey! I have seen some of these letters, and they are powerful testimonials about how much this crew loves this boat and the service they provide to our guests as custodians of an American Treasure.

Mary also asked me to help produce a small video that could be sent along that might help catch the media’s attention. Much thanks to all the crew, especially Mary and Jennifer Lemmon for many of the photos. Here is what we came up with:

Please help us spread the word! Email this link to your favorite local and national news and TV shows.


I received the note below from Betty Anne Mahoney. She traveled with us on the Delta Queen in early August and returned home with a passionate drive to do all she could to help save the boat.

HI BILL, I have sent 200 letters and safety info on the Delta Queen to all the Senators, I have also been in touch with Jesse L. Walls in Sen. Voinovich’s office several times (s.3498) was presented on 16 Sept. and is now in committee. Today I called several Sen. offices, Reid, Ensign, Stevens and Inouye and didn’t get much. I am a bit frustrated as I am sure you are. Jesse told me on Friday that the bill will go on to the Lame duck session in Nov. if no floor vote by the last day in Sept./SORRY . If you can think of anything else I can do let me know. Sincerely, Betty Anne Mahoney  

Special thanks to Betty Ann for all her tremendous work. She is an inspiration to us all that if we all gear up and do all we can, it is amazing what we can accomplish. For some suggestions on what you can do to help, CLICK HERE.

Call your Representatives. Tell your friends and family. Call your local media.

Keep up the great work.


Big News! The Delta Queen will soon be featured on Good Morning America Weekend! There is a TV crew aboard from the Chicago ABC News affiliate. They are preparing a 5 to 8 minute piece on the Delta Queen’s history and legislative struggle to air in October. As soon as I get a broadcast date, I will certainly post it here.

It is this kind of national attention that can generate the awareness and support we need to push the legislation through. Since the legislation will probably be addressed during the “lame duck” session of Congress when they return after the election, this could come at a good time to keep the momentum going into that critical period.

Encourage your local TV outlets to cover and pick up this story. Call your local media. Spread the word!


I was honored today to be invited to be a guest on Paducah 2 TV’s “Tourism Talk” hosted by Mary Hammond, director of the Paducah Convention and Visitors Bureau. She dedicated an entire 30-minute program to the Delta Queen. We discussed the boat’s history, economic impact on local communities, and her current legislative struggle. I think it will be a great piece. The crew and staff in the studio were very complimentary. The project got a nice review by one of their staff on See the review HERE. They said the show will be posted on the internet. I will post a link to the show as soon as it is completed.


KY Senator Mitch McConnell

KY Senator Mitch McConnell

Well our rally event in Paducah on September 21 helped generate some significant support. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell’s local representative attended the event and the Senator has now signed on as a co-sponsor for Senate bill 3498, bringing the total to 12! We are hopeful that the other Kentucky Senator, Jim Bunning will join his fellow Senator soon.

If you are a Kentucky resident, I encourage you to share your support of the Delta Queen with Senator Bunning:

PHONE: 202-224-4343
FAX: 202-228-1373
MAIL: Senator Jim Bunning
   316 Hart Senate Office Building
   Washington, DC 20510
EMAIL: You also can email him your feelings through his website at this address: CLICK HERE.

Keep up the good work!


 Here’s a link to a nice article covering our event in Point Pleasant, West Virginia last week. Enjoy:


In May, Cheryl and Jim Redmond traveled on the Delta Queen from Pittsburgh to Nashville. Cheryl is a renowned quilter and became inspired to make a “Save the Delta Queen” quilt. Click on the image of the quilt below to view a larger image.

Cheryl began quilting in the early 1990s. In 2001 she began making quilts with pictures. Following the attacks of September 11, she made a 7 x 9 foot Memorial Quilt in the motif of the American Flag.  The quilt listed the names of the more than 3000 victims of that day, had 17 pictures depicting events and many embroidered squares. The quilt was displayed at the Smithsonian Institute for a month for the 6-month anniversary of the attacks and later at several Presidential Libraries and the Pentagon. It continues to travel throughout the USA. She also made 9/11 Memorial Quilts for the Flight 93 Families for the Flight 93 Memorial, the Pentagon, The Fire Fighters, and the Policemen of New York for their exhibits. 

On June 14, Cheryl returned to the Delta Queen while docked in Pittsburgh and ceremoniously presented the quilt to the Captain. It includes a wonderful collection of photos transfered to fabric and a series of quotes about the boat and the river. Cheryl’s quilt has been hung in a place of honor beside the Purser’s Office on the Delta Queen.

Here is a big whistle salute for Cheryl for her support and for sharing her creative talents to help promote the effort to save this wonderful boat: Whistle Salute


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