The Delta Queen needs Congressional legislation to be allowed to continue to operate. The historic boat also has been offered for sale. Tough times. But I will continue to look for the more hopeful developments.


The Delta Queen’s struggle has received significant media coverage including The New York Times, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Louisville Post-Dispatch, The Pittsburgh Review-Tribune, National Public Radio, a recent profile on FOX NEWS with Britt Hume, and much more, including dozens upon dozens of local papers, radio and television.

Of course, we need more. We need to pursue every possible contact and opportunity. We need help delivering an alert to the situation and education about the issue to individuals (voters!), organizations, chambers of commerce, visitors centers, municipalities, and Congressional representatives across America.

We need a big voice. We need a talk-show host like Oprah Winfrey or Ellen Degeneres. Even as polarizing as he can be, Rush Limbaugh right now might get the issue some attention. He’s from river town Cape Girardeau and he might enjoy an opportunity to vilify James Oberstar since he’s a Democrat. In a much more positive tone, I’d love to see Garrison Keillor do a show about (or from) the Delta Queen. What about Hal Holbrook, the quintessential Mark Twain? Jimmy Carter rode the boat back in August 1979 and often is a voice of reason. Volunteer efforts to contact and involve persons like these have as yet been unsuccessful. But somebody out there knows how to make it happen. It’s a great story of the struggle to save an American icon, the last remnant of a remarkable chapter in American history as it fights for survival against corporate indifference, economic challenges, a Congressional struggle that at the least includes a misunderstanding of the boat’s safety, and includes the additional drama of partisan politics, and alleged Union influence.

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