Bob Baer

Bob Baer

During this cruise, I met one of our cruise guests named Bob Baer from San Jose, California. I was delighted to hear his tale of riding the Delta Queen when he was just an eight-year-old boy back in 1937 with his parents and his two brothers as as a part of their first family vacation.

They traveled downstream from Sacramento to San Francisco. Since the Delta Queen ran overnight cruises in those days, he said his only memories were of the delicious dinner and a terrific pillowfight with his brothers in the stateroom the three of them shared. He also recalled being amazed at the mosaic bathroom tiles. The following morning he awakened in San Francisco.

Bob had not been back on the Delta Queen since that special boyhood journey with his family in 1937 until this cruise. He said when he heard that the boat might be forced out of service, he thought he “better do it now.”

We are getting a lot of people like Bob onboard who are seizing the opportunity to discovery the Delta Queen or revisit it one last time. Let’s hope that we will all have it for a long time to come.

I’ve just about got the history and legislative pages ready to upload to join this site. Check back soon.

Thanks again Bob, for sharing a great journey with us on the Delta Queen.