Yesterday was a Steamboatin’ day with no stops as we cruised down the lower Ohio. We passed Louisville, KY around breakfast time and as we head down that lovely, winding stretch of river below, through those gentle rolling hillsides and stunning limestone rock cliffs, our onboard internet is very slow! The day was unusually cool and pleasant for August, and everybody was plopped in a rocking chair watching the little Norman Rockwell towns drift past.


Vicki Webster

Vicki Webster

In the previous post I briefly mentioned Vicki Webster and her efforts to Save the Delta Queen. Vicki is heading up a completely volunteer grass-roots effort to generate publicity about the boat’s plight and garner public and Congressional support for legislation to allow her to continue operating.



 I had an opportunity to ask Vicki about her involvement. Here are her remarks:




In the audio clip above, Vicki credits Betty Blake as her inspiration and motivator. Betty Blake was Public Relations expert employed by the Delta Queen’s 1970 owners. Back in 1970, the Delta Queen faced a scenario very similar to her current battle. A powerful Congressman and committee chairman (substitute 1970’s Ed Garmatz of Maryland in place of today’s James Oberstar of Maryland) set out to block the renewal necessary legislation to allow continued operation of the Delta Queen. The company’s president, Bill Muster, and Betty Blake held a series of rally events along the river, circulated petitions, involved the media and lobbied members of Congress. In December of 1970 (after the boat was forced out of service in November) legislation was dramatically passed to enable the boat to continue operations the following spring.


Vicki also gave me a little background on how she also became involved in the 1970 campaign.


How Vicki Got Involved

 Here’s a steam whistle salute to Vicki for her tremendous efforts and leadership.

Delta Queen Whistle Salute