Welcome to my blog chronicling the remainder of the Delta Queen’s potentially final 2008 season of cruising.




My name is Bill Wiemuth and I am a historian, lecturer and entertainer aboard the Delta Queen. I have been working on riverboats now for more than a decade and love every minute of it.


I also am working with the boat’s owner (Majestic America Line) and the grassroots Save The Delta Queen Campaign to coordinate events in ports of call, generate media attention, and motivate individuals and organizations to support an effort to save this American treasure from being forced out of service.



Without action from the U.S. Congress, the Delta Queen will be forced out of service as of November 1 of this year. As if that wasn’t enough, Majestic America Line also has put the boat (and the rest of the fleet) up for sale.


For more on the tragic struggle of the Delta Queen’s potential forced retirement, CLICK HERE.


Other than a few weeks vacation, I will be onboard the Delta Queen for most of the remainder of this 2008 season.


This blog will focus on the treasured moments experienced onboard and update any new developments regarding the legislative struggle or the sale of the vessel.



The Delta Queen is the last authentic overnight steam-powered paddlewheeler in operation on the rivers of the United States. It is the last authentic link to the history of how the U.S. grew westward along the rivers on the backs of steamboats like the Delta Queen. The Delta Queen has an amazing history filled with adventure, drama, and incredible characters. Along with many other awards and accolades, it is a National Historic Landmark. To learn more about this incredible vessel and its history, CLICK HERE.


The saga of the Delta Queen is a true American drama unfolding before our eyes. I look forward to sharing this story with you. Stay tuned!